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January 21, 2014


"Letter From Warsaw" - the Musical, is an ambitious and provocative artistic ventureand it underscores a desire and a need for communication, understanding and peace. In my recollection, it is the only musical ever to tackle this very important theme and the way the creators have composed it, l' m sure will be meaningful. I do hereby support their efforts and wish this musical "Letter From Warsaw” every success.

Michael Schudrich

   Chief Rabbi of Poland


February 21, 2014

I believe that the new artistic production "Letter From Warsaw" - The Musical, speaks to one of the most important dialogs concerning Poland and the Jewish community,that being the ongoing relationship and understanding between two great nations. I highly support "Letter From Warsaw" and the creative efforts of the authors in presenting this musical theatrical production.

Profesor Szewach Weiss

Past Deputy Speaker, Israeli Knesset

Past Israeli Ambassador to Poland


September 26, 2019

"Music soothes manners", one would like to say. But let’s not allow this banal truth to deceive us, because the authors' intention was not to calm the turbulent waters of the mutual relations between the Poles and the Jews, but rather try to tap into this non-controversial way, the stereotypes that live in each of us, to cause us to think, and make immune the lies and half-truths that escalate a spiral of hostility.

The dramatic action develops surprisingly, teleporting us to the cruel times of war, engaging the characters' emotions, and, as the genre would imply, leading to the triumph of love. Some might call it naïve and sentimental, others may say that it banalizes evil. "Love is all-encompassing... And this can be fully understood only in extreme situations, when you see that you cannot live without it ...". "If you can succumb to love, offer yourself to another person, you will remain human in the worst conditions" – were the words of Marek Edelman, who would have invited us to the performance, being a great supporter of staging it in the Warsaw theatre.

Paula Sawicka

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